Q&A with Trainer Sam Lotz

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Q&A with Sam Lotz

What is your name and where are you from?

-My name is Sam Lotz and I am from California.

At what age did you ride your first horse?

-The first time I rode a horse was before I could even walk correctly. I’ve been in the saddle since day one.

How many horses have you owned in your life?

-All together I have owned 17 horses!

Tell us about Ponyboy!

-PonyBoy is one of my newest additions who I know will be around for a long time! He is a 11 month old quarter horse who was picked out by his previous owner from a sanctuary ( to be exact it was Oakdale Equine Rescue). I actually worked with him for a few months, and to be honest I didn’t like him at all at first! But then I fell in love and once I found out she was going to sell him I jumped on the opportunity! Now he’s at my house living like a little baby!

What person has been the most influential in the horse aspect of your life? Why?

-The most influential person in my life would have to have been my trainer Denise M. She was the woman who taught me so many lessons with horses and in life, she was there for me as a mother and a friend. She always shared information, even when it was small. She always told me to trust my horse and my gut, she helped me learn how to create a bond with a horse.

What horse has taught you the most about yourself?

-The horse who taught me the most about myself was my mare Amara. She taught me patience and willingness. She taught me not to shut down when I felt I couldn’t do anything. She was the most bratty mare you could ever meet but she taught the greatest lessons.

What horse has taught you the most about riding?

-The horse who taught me the most about riding was my mare Neymore. She was a cute petite little Arab Tb cross. She was the smoothest ride but she was such a spooky horse. She taught me to keep a calm temper and to be light in the saddle and in the mouth, she taught me to be subtle about every cue.

What is your most memorable moment with a horse?

-One of the most memorable moments was my 13th birthday, my friends and I decided to go on a sunset ride on the beach for my birthday. I will never forget when I was on Neymore on the beach bareback and I asked her for a gallop, the sky was a beautiful pink orange and the ocean was so calm. There was a light fog and it made everything gorgeous. I remember feeling so weightless on her back, it seemed as if we were galloping into the sunset, chasing the sun.

Does anyone else in your family ride?

-My mother rides with me a lot, she’s been riding since she was 6 years old.

What would you say is the hardest part of training a young horse?

-The hardest part of training a young horse is remembering that they are young. Usually with training more mature horses you get used to a longer attention span, but it's not the same with young horses, they just want to focus on 10 different things at once. That's where patience comes into play.

What is your favorite part about horses?

-My favorite part about horses is when you are working with a horse and you get to witness that moment and see when the horse finally clicks and understands, when you get to see all of the hard work you and the horse have been through pay off in the end.

What are your biggest achievements?

-My biggest achievement must have been when I started my first colt, a little Tennessee Walker colt. It is what showed me a path that I choose to follow to this day. 

Any advice for people training their own rescue?

-My advice is this: you and the horse never stop learning, keep searching for information. As well as every horse is different, you have to tend to different needs with different horses, training is all about making a cookie cutter horse, you have to think outside the box sometimes.

What is one piece of knowledge that you feel should be passed along to every equestrian?

-WE ARE ALWAYS LEARNING. Don’t let your head get big

A big thanks to Sam Lotz for sharing her knowledge! You can follow along her and Ponyboy's journey on @playa.pb!

-Paint Me Dappled

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